Housing Combined Services


Enterprise is committed to looking after tenant's communal spaces. We act as the association's eyes and ears. Our thorough service delivery reports help identify issues that may put people at risk and enable Property Managers to make informed plans for the future. Our comprehensive service is delivered by a well-trained, motivated, highly visible and uniformed teams. The teams are supported by comprehensive safe working systems, best practice procedures, continuous improvement and an ethos of openness. Whether the property is big or small we prepare a pro-active annual schedule of cleaning and maintenance to meet the tenant's needs. Our local management deliver the services against agreed performance standards.

Contract Management: Exchequer Software



Key feature:

  1. General Ledger: a flexible, hierarchical structure with independent cost centres, allowing for powerful financial management and analysis
  2. Expenditure Ledge: a simple yet essential financial tool providing detailed records of cash receipts and expenditures
  3. eBanking the facility to send online payments via your bank’s software, as well as download and reconcile bank statements.


Exchequer's many time-saving features include:

  1. Powerful management reporting and industry best drill-down capabilities
  2. Integration into other operational systems
  3. Automation of routine business processes
  4. Productivity-enhancing tools and shortcuts
  5. Reminders and alerts so staff can focus on their key responsibilities
  6. Data entered once is used across the system, dramatically reducing re-keying and improving accuracy

Investing in Woodland Carbon



During 2014 Enterprise will help the Woodland Trust to create a big impact for new woodland


Through the continual release of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere our planet is subjected to global warrming and we’re experiencing more extreme weather events. Enterprise mangers and staff are currently planning a range of fund raising events as they believes that trees are nature’s most effective tool in helping to reducing these effects on our plant. Trees naturally absorb and remove harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the atmosphere helping to cleanse and purify the air.


Why Woodland Carbon?

  1. Trees capture and store atmospheric carbon. One quarter of a living tree’s weight is carbon
  2. The UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe, with tree cover of just 13%
  3. The UK Government has acknowledged the role that woods play in addressing climate change
  4. Woodland Carbon finances woodland creation that would not otherwise have happened


The cost per tonne of Woodland Carbon depends on several factors we are therefore working towards a simple benchmark. For every £12.50 invested we mitigate one tonne of CO2. All the trees will planted in Bramingham Wood Bedfordshire.