Staff Engagement


Key Features:

At the core of our employee engagement, are some key values. These values determine the why, the how and the what of each contract going forward.

Encourage learning: provide staff with a 1-2 hour window each week to pursue their own skills.

Mentor newcomers: Building a trustworthy relationship with someone who has experience and can mentor a new member of staff. 

Build engagement: Develop a long-term indiviual strategy with clear objectives and action steps, then re-evaluate annually and build on it.

Teamwork: Display photographs of your team on notice boards.

Company's mission: Staff need to be reminded of why they are doing what they're doing.

Give and receive feedback: Let staff be aware of their value, most importantly, act on their feedback.

Celebrate achievements: Big or small, show solid proof that achievements are recognised by the company.

Empower your staff: Let employees be their own leader. It's surely a great way to build trust, as opposed to micro-management.

Ensure people have the resources they need: Let employees Equip your staff/team with the tools and systems that will make their job easier.



Recruitment and Vetting

Cleaning Staff Vetting & Screening

Enterprise is an equal opportunities employer that puts a huge amount of work into carefully vetting and screening its diverse cleaning and support workforce. Employees must firstly provide proof of address such as a recent bank statement, utility bill or tenancy agreement and proof of identity, being their passport, driving license, home office papers and a birth certificate. Enterprise only employs people who are fully legal to work in the UK. We ensure the potential employee provides references. One of which must be from a previous employer showing experience and ability to clean in either a domestic and commercial environment, the other may be a character reference. We are very strict in this area, both for the protection of our clients, the company and our reputation. In addition to the above all employees will have undergone a cleaning interview and undergo extensive training in specialist cleaning processes, products, Health and Safety and industry regulations and legislation to equip them to work within hazardous environments. All our cleaners are monitored to ensure they keep to our high standards. This includes spot checks and regular communication with customers. Enterprise uses the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Disclosure Service to obtain information to enable it to assess the suitability of applicants for employment for posts working with vulnerable groups or in positions of trust. Enterprise complies with the DBS code of practice including the secure storage, handling, use, retention & disposal of DBS disclosures and disclosure information and with its obligations under the Data Protection Act.

Mobile Cleaning Teams


Winter Road Safety


Staff mobility during the winter months is a vital part of our business so to help ensure Enterprise employees stay out of harm’s way this winter, here are TEN safety steps you should carry out before you set off.